Are you . . .

Trying hard at life but feeling like you’re getting nowhere?

Feeling like you’re the only one who doesn't have their SH*T together?

Fed up of listening to the voices in your head telling you "I'm not good enough", or "this is just how I am”?

Trying to make a change but don’t know where to start?

What's It All About?

Whatever it is that has brought you here . . . NOW is the time to let that go. Looking back only means one thing . . . you are facing the wrong way!


You don’t have to be constantly looking for something new . . . Googling, taking more courses, learning more STUFF that you won’t use.


This is about YOU understanding that the key to it all is putting down all the stuff you THINK you know and trusting what’s left.

Life doesn’t need to be this hard

YOU have already survived 100% of the worst days of your life . . .  now it’s time to create the BEST ones!

If you’re thinking ‘It won’t work for me’ I can show you how you already know more than you think you do. I can show you how you are already doing the right things . . .  just in the wrong places.

You don’t need to learn ANYTHING new . . . just use the things you ALREADY have, but in the right way.

It’s time to STOP doing what you are already doing if it’s not working!

Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome is the definition of insanity!

Let’s try something NEW!


Who is this VIP membership for?

Who is this VIP membership NOT for?

PHEW . . . so without further ado, what is included in the Sort Your Shizzle Out VIP Membership?

  • Access to a Psychotherapist (me)

    You get access to me, a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Life Coach within the group. Just post or comment and I will be there to offer support and guidance. It might be daunting at first but the members are all amazing and help each other out and support each other so we all share because that makes us 'better together'. We have had some amazing transformations in the group already in just a few months from this very thing!

  • Weekly Zoom coaching call with the whole group

    Every Sunday at 19:00 UK time we all jump on a Zoom call together. You can ask me anything within a closed group, safe environment. I will answer member's questions, cover topics, give guidance and help wherever I can. We are still a small, intimate group and each have plenty of time to talk and share but as the group grows I will look to add extra nights to ensure everybody still gets the support they need.

  • Weekly coaching workshop

    Every week I run a live coaching workshop on a specific topic (that you can request if you like) so we can go deeper on a specific topic. These can be on anything from dealing with anxiety, positive mindset, prioritising ourself etc and these sometimes get expanded and I run a course on them too. They get loaded into the members area for you to re-watch them whenever you like too.

  • Access to a private VIP area in the platform + Facebook Group

    This is ONLY available for members. It is a very small, closed, intimate group where we can all share our inner secrets without fear or judgement. You can ask things in here and I will get back to you. This is an uplifting, positive environment (I make it my mission to ensure this is the most positive social environment online).

  • Access to regular premium courses for FREE

    I regularly load my paid courses into the membership platform for FREE. We often discuss this course on the live calls and in the discussions and work through them together. I also regularly make exclusive content and courses purely for my members.

  • You will get exclusive first access to courses, books etc before they even get released
  • Regular downloads handouts and Ebooks

    I regularly create handouts, journals, Ebooks, planners etc purely for my members. Some of these have actually been turned into hard copies I now sell on Amazon :).

  • Members Only Newsletters

    In these I will cover topics we have been over in the previous month, any information and free downloads I think members would benefit from and plans for the group for the following month(s).

For every month that you are a paying member I will plant a tree in your name to offset any carbon produced by the membership to help not only ourselves but also the planet too, we are literally changing the world together!

Join TODAY if you want to make a REAL lasting change in your life!

Just £29.99 per month

Do you want even more support?

I have various packages available below with varying levels of support depending where you are in your journey.


£29.99pm Bronze VIP Membership

Everything in the VIP Membership above is my bronze membership.

£70pm Silver VIP Membership

Everything in the Bronze VIP Membership + 1 x 50 minute one to one coaching/therapy call with me every month.

£200pm Gold VIP Membership

*Only 10 Spaces Available*

Everything in the Bronze VIP Membership + 4 x 50 minute one to one coaching/therapy calls with me every month + get access to message me privately whenever you want and I will get back straight back to you as soon as I can (like having me in your pocket wherever you go).

One Off Coaching Calls

One To One Coaching/Therapy Calls

If you would just like a one off Therapy/Coaching session, or a couples, family etc session please see my website for further info and prices.


All payments for packages are taken up front on a rolling monthly basis. Cancellations are available at any time before your payment date but no refunds will be given for the remaining period between your cancellation and the end of the next payment date. 

The payments and subscriptions are all handled via Stripe and/or Thrivecart, I do not store or have access to any of your payment details. When you click ‘Join’, ‘Buy Now’ etc you will be transferred over to Stripe or Thrivecart to complete the subscription details and I will be notified once the subscription has been confirmed.

Option 1

Just £19.99 per month

Option 2

Just £5 per week


If you’ve found your way here then something fits and feels right and that’s a big thing with Mental Health. It’s not about the ‘fight’ or ‘being strong’, it’s often about getting in the right place with the right support.

Yes of course. For coaching calls as long as you give me more than 24 hours notice I will give you a full refund, and for packages as long as you give me 24 hours notice before your payment date I can cancel your membership with no further payments.

Sure thing, your subscription starts on the day you join.

No you can cancel whenever you like!

Yes of course. When you are going through a tough period and need more support just up your membership then drop it back down to a lower tier as you start feeling better, this is absolutely fine to do as many times as you want, as long as I have availability for you to join the higher tiers (max 10 people in Gold at time of writing).

Absolutely, we have a Facebook group, a VIP area in the platform and a Discord group as well as the weekly Zooms so you can join in as much or as little as you like. A few members started off just commenting on posts etc but the other members made them feel so welcome they then felt more comfortable coming onto the Zooms. It really is great to see someone’s confidence grow over just a few weeks/months and yours will too I promise!

Not at all, we have little step by step videos that guide you through the process of joining . . . . I still don’t know what I am doing with most of this technology stuff most days either to be honest haha but we will get by together!

Still not sure?

If you are still in 2 minds about joining, would like more information, or to discuss which package is right for you I can jump on a quick call to answer any of your Q’s (subject to availability)! This will be a very informal chat just about what you are going through, what the membership is and whether or not I think it is the right option for you. If this is something you would like please just drop your name, phone number and email address in the contact form below and in the comments box just write down the best time and days to contact you and I will be in touch.


Jacci Jones

Jacci is a fully qualified Psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis, NLP Coaching ‘The 3 Principles’, a qualified nursery nurse and ex-foster carer.

Over the last 20 years she has helped numerous clients and children build skills and confidence to live a life they didn’t believe was even possible through a calm, attentive approach to therapy and coaching that is unique and unrivalled.

She has transformed the lives of clients that have been in therapy for years in just a few sessions by helping them see things from a new perspective. It can take just one insight, to change someone’s life!

She runs a successful private practice, Podcast, online membership group and much more.

"Realising that we have a choice can be scary and overwhelming or liberating and freeing, that too is a choice. Making a change is choosing to do something different to what we usually do."

Just £29.99 per month